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Fundus, retinal: The interior lining of the eyeball, including the retina ( the light- sensitive screen), optic disc ( the head of the nerve to the eye), and the macula ( the small spot in the retina where vision is keenest). In classical anatomy the human stomach is divided into four sections, beginning at the cardia, each of which has different cells and functions. MedGen UID: 91053. Gastric Fundus Carcinoma In Situ. What Is a Fundal Fibroid? While fibroids can be found anywhere in the uterus, fundal fibroids are the type that occur most frequently. Fundus osteochondroză. Tutorial contains images and text for pathology education This is the normal appearance of the gastric fundal mucosa, with short pits lined by pale columnar mucus cells leading into long glands which contain bright pink parietal cells that secrete hydrochloric acid. The cardia is where the contents of the oesophagus empty into the stomach. Fundus reflex See fundus reflex. Fundus of stomach the part of the stomach to the left and above the level of the opening between the stomach and esophagus. Medical Definition of Fundus, retinal. The ocular fundus is the inner lining of the eye made up of the Sensory Retina, the Retinal Pigment Epithelium, Bruch' s Membrane, and the Choroid. The fundus ( from Latin, meaning ' bottom' ) is formed in the upper curved part. The body is the main, central region of the stomach. The fundus is the topmost portion of the uterus and is known as the roof of the uterine cavity.
Carcinoma in situ of the Gastric Fundus; Stage 0 Gastric Fundus Carcinoma: SNOMED CT: Carcinoma in situ of fundus of stomach; Cancer in situ fundus of stomach. Salt and pepper fundus The appearance of the ocular fundus characterized by a stippling of dark pigmented spots and yellowish- red spots of atrophy, as is found in congenital syphilis, choroideremia, Leber' s congenital amaurosis, rubeola, poliomyelitis, etc. Feb 19, · Fundus albipunctatus is an eye disorder characterized by an impaired ability to see in low light ( night blindness) and the presence of whitish- yellow flecks in the retina, which is the specialized light- sensitive tissue in the inner lining of the back of the eye ( the fundus). David Stinson, fundal fibroids are fibroids that are located in the fundus, which is the top of the uterus. The fundus of the eye is the interior surface of the eye opposite the lens and includes the retina, optic disc, macula, fovea, and posterior pole. The fundus is the portion of the inner eye that can be seen during an eye examination. Fundus is the bottom or base of anything. The fundus and uterus can stretch significantly throughout pregnancy without any trauma or damage. In medicine, it is a general term for the inner lining of a hollow organ. The fundus can be examined by ophthalmoscopy [ 1] and/ or fundus photography. Have you ever taken a fundus photograph?
Fundus u´ teri ( fundus of uterus ) the part of the uterus above the orifices of the fallopian tubes. Fundus tym´ pani the floor of the tympanic cavity. During pregnancy, this is usually when the fertilized egg implants. The flecks are detected during an eye examination.

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